• Habima Theatre

Tel Aviv le 26 décembre 2022, 20:30


Comédie musicale

This is the story of the residents of a dilapidated housing project in Yafo, and at its center is a gang leader and Moroccan immigrant who goes by Kazablan (or Kaza for short).


Kazablan falls in love with the daughter of the housing project’s owner, a Polish immigrant who strongly opposes the relationship between his daughter and Kazablan due to Kazablan’s uncultured image.

The play explores issues that touch on the soul of Israeli society, including ethnic divisions, Ashkenazi-Mizrachi relations, interdenominational marriage, acceptance of the Other, sociocultural disparities, social protest and more.

In collaboration with Teatron HaShaa.





  • Levy Itay - Kazablan

Informations pratiques

  • Lieu: Théâtre Habima
  • Adresse: 2 rue Tarsat 61001 Tel-Aviv Israël
  • Tarifs: à partir de 245 ₪