• Cinémathèque de Tel-Aviv

Tel Aviv le 20 janvier 2022, 20:30


The Last Picture Show in Bucharest, de Ludi Boeken

Bucharest Pogrom, 1941. During the last picture show that 10-year-old Eliahu sees, his father, the cinema owner, is murdered by the leader of the fascist militia, his next door neighbor. After surviving the massacre of Romania's Jews, Eliahu seeks justice but postwar Romania does not, nor does the Israel he emigrates to.


During his military service in Israel he learns that his father's killer now fights in the French Foreign Legion in Vietnam. Eliahu deserts and embarks on a quest for truth, justice and revenge.


Avec Cristian Balint, Tamar Keynan, Julia Levy-Boeken, Artur Novikov

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  • Adresse: Shprinzak, 2 661282 Tel-Aviv Israël